35th Symposium Internacional: El Cáncer de Mama en el Tercer Milenio

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Session 15 presentations / courses
MRI of the in situ carcinoma
by Melchor Sentís
2008-11-27 14 minutes        
Results of the vacuum-assisted biopsy
by Belén Úbeda
2008-11-27 17 minutes        
Breast cancer chemoprevention
by Salvador Luján
2008-11-27 12 minutes        
In situ carcinoma: new classification
by Vicente Marco
2008-11-27 16 minutes        
Morphological and radiological aspects of the in situ carcinoma
by Laszlo Tabar
2008-11-27 39 minutes        
Session 24 presentations / courses
Chemotherapeutic treatments in ovarian function preservation
by Ander Urruticoechea
2008-11-27 13 minutes        
Circulating tumoral cells and metastasis
by Ana González-Angulo
2008-11-27 16 minutes        
Follow-up of patients with BRCA mutations
by Judith Balmaña
2008-11-27 16 minutes        
Ductal lavage and ductoscopy
by Carmen Ara
2008-11-27 15 minutes        
Session 35 presentations / courses
Pathological nodal staging. Lymph node metastasis
by Gabor Cserni
2008-11-27 24 minutes        
Role of PET-CT in the detection of metastases
by Marc Simó
2008-11-27 15 minutes        
Surgical treatment of metastasis
by Edelmiro Iglesias
2008-11-27 21 minutes        
Microenvironment and breast cancer
by Fernando Vidal-Vanaclocha
2008-11-27 21 minutes        
Tumoral phenotype in oncological high-risk patients
by José Palacios
2008-11-27 17 minutes        
Session 44 presentations / courses
Value of microarrays as a prognostic factor
by Fabien Reyal
2008-11-27 19 minutes        
Second conservative treatment
by Mattia Intra
2008-11-27 20 minutes        
Molecular factors of breast cancer. Microarray
by Jose Schneider
2008-11-27 22 minutes        
Radio frequency treatment
by Luis Apesteguía
2008-11-27 25 minutes        
Session 75 presentations / courses
Special situations of sentinel lymph node biopsy
by Mattia Intra
2008-11-28 29 minutes        
Neoadjuvant chemotherapy
by Ana Oaknin
2008-11-28 16 minutes        
Preventive surgery
by Gines Hernandez Cortes
2008-11-28 15 minutes        
Role of MRI in conservative treatment
by Melchor Sentís
2008-11-28 16 minutes        
Oncoplastic complementary surgery
by Jaume Masià
2008-11-28 17 minutes        
Session 83 presentations / courses
Epigenetic factors in treatment and follow-up of breast cancer
by Manel Esteller
2008-11-28 20 minutes        
The future of target therapies on breast cancer
by Ana González-Angulo
2008-11-28 26 minutes        
Intraoperative radiotherapy
by Ferran Guedea
2008-11-28 19 minutes