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vHIT (video head-impulse test)
Dr. Konrad Weber
Dr. Konrad Weber
Sydney, NSW, Switzerland  
Disclosure: Support: The Garnett Passe and Rodney Williams Memorial Foundation, the National Health and Medical Research Council Australia, and the Australian Research Council.

Disclosure: Funding for future development of the video system will be provided by GN Otometrics. None of the authors receives personal compensations from GN Otometrics.
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Understanding the novel technique of the video head impulse test and its clinical application.
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Clinical assessment of semicircular canal function with the head impulse test in vestibular patients relies on visual detection of the catch-up saccades that the patient generates in order to compensate for the deficient vestibulo-ocular reflex. Until recently quantitative measurement of the head impulse test had to be done with the scleral search coil technique that was not practical in a clinical setting. This workshop will introduce a novel video head impulse system that is easy to use in clinics. The light-weight video goggles are equipped with a high-speed video camera (250 Hz) and a miniature inertial measurement unit. The diagnostic accuracy of the system has been validated by simultaneous measures with video and search coil recordings across healthy subjects and patients with peripheral vestibular deficits. The test promises to be a safe, accurate and practical means of measuring the vestibulo-ocular reflex and detecting the corresponding catch-up saccades.
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