14th Congress of the European Federation of Neurological Societies

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2 intense clinical lectures lasting 19 and 26 minutes, moving your physical examination skills to the next level while using your eyes and clinical reasoning as main tools.
... the face of a patient - what does it tell us about neurological diseases?
by Marco Mumenthaler
2010-09-25 19 minutes        
... double vision?
by Christopher Kennard
2010-09-25 26 minutes        
Clinical lecture on infections of the peripheral nerve system by Lyme disease and Aids as well as a lecture on neurophysiological methods to investigate the peripheral nerve system by using nerve conduction studies and nerve excitability studies.
Infections of the peripheral system: Lyme disease & AIDS
by Israel Steiner
2010-09-26 23 minutes        
3 Expert Webcasts of 22-24 minutes each explaining the latest developments in the field of neuropathic pain. The talks are comprehensive highlights in approaches to treatment and diagnosis as well as including an overview of usefull instruments to measure
Neuropathic pain: the new screening tools
by Didier Bouhassira
2010-09-26 23 minutes        
The laboratory tools (from punch biopsy to heat evoked potentials and functio...
by Rolf-Detlef Treede
2010-09-26 22 minutes        
The new grading system of neuropathic pain
by Troels Jensen
2010-09-26 24 minutes        
Some expert guidance on writing a scientific paper, with specific attention on the preparation phase: preparing is better than repairing!
Before you write a scientific article
by Vladimir Hachinski
2010-09-26 15 minutes        
How to write a scientific article
by Wolf-Dieter Heiss
2010-09-26 15 minutes        
3 Expert Webcasts of a duration of 18-32 minutes providing an overview of recent research on gender issues and epilepsy: reproduction, sexuality and hormones.
Influence of sex hormones on brain excitability and epilepsy
by Alberto Verrotti
2010-09-26 18 minutes        
Disorders of reproduction in epilepsy
by Erik Taubøll
2010-09-26 23 minutes        
Epilepsy and Sexuality
by Gerhard Luef
2010-09-26 32 minutes        
3 Expert Webcasts with a duration of 14-15 minutes providing you with 3 different approaches to assessment of the vestibular system and their clinical value.
Cervical vestibular evoked myogenic potentials (cVEMPs): usefulness in clinic...
by Krister Brantberg
2010-09-26 15 minutes        
Ocular vestibular evoked myogenic potentials
by Sally Rosengren
2010-09-26 14 minutes        
vHIT (video head-impulse test)
by Konrad Weber
2010-09-26 14 minutes        
Main Topic 5: New aspects in stroke3 presentations / courses
3 Webcasts by experts providing you with a synthesis of literature on the latest advances of Stroke research: the role of a patent foramen ovale and potential alternative venues for treatment.
Patent foramen ovale and cardiac embolism
by Jean-Louis Mas
2010-09-27 24 minutes        
Alternative treatment strategies: augmentation of flow and oxygen supply
by Wolf-Dieter Heiss
2010-09-27 22 minutes        
Alternative treatment strategies: physical approaches and nervous stimulation
by Peter D Schellinger
2010-09-27 22 minutes        
2 Webcasts on 2 neuromuscular disorders: Diagnosis and management of 1. Idiopathic myopathies and 2. myopathies & neuropathies associated with critical illness.
Diagnosis and management of idiopathic inflammatory myopathies
by David Hilton-Jones
2010-09-27 42 minutes        
Diagnosis and management of critical illness: myopathy or neuropathy
by Nicola Latronico
2010-09-27 34 minutes        
3 Expert Webcasts on social neuroscience, the neurology and neuropathology of "Self," and the neurology of confabulation or "the confusion of reality".
Neurophysiological markers of empathy for pain
by Alessio Avenanti
2010-09-27 20 minutes        
The neurology of self awareness
by Shahar Arzy
2010-09-27 22 minutes        
The neurology of confabulation
by Armin Schnider
2010-09-27 22 minutes        
The state of the art of recent advances in management of gliomas presented in 3 Webcasts, packed with literature references.
Advances in the management of gliomas: molecular predictors of outcome
by Michael Weller
2010-09-27 21 minutes        
New approaches for resection of gliomas
by Hugues Duffau
2010-09-27 29 minutes        
Benefit and risk of antiangiogenic drugs
by Riccardo Soffietti
2010-09-27 26 minutes        
Improve your understanding of clinical trials, clinical observational studies as well as common methodological errors through 3 Webcasts which lead you through the key features of these topics.
Principles of clinical trials
by Ale Algra
2010-09-27 30 minutes        
Principles of observational research
by Ale Algra
2010-09-27 26 minutes        
Common methodological errors
by Jan Van Gijn
2010-09-27 22 minutes        
2 Webcasts on Botulinum Toxin and it's use in autonomic dysfunction and neuro-urologic disorders: mechanisms of action and a synthesis of current research.
New clinical indications of botulinum toxin therapy
by Austen Peter Moore
2010-09-27 27 minutes        
Neuro-urological disorders and botulinum A toxin
by Antonella Giannantoni
2010-09-27 26 minutes        
The latest information on new oral treatments for multiple sclerosis presented in 4 Webcasts.
The runner-up: fingolimod
by Ludwig Kappos
2010-09-28 21 minutes        
The first on the stage: cladribine
by Gavin Giovannoni
2010-09-28 20 minutes        
How do the new oral treatments fit into our therapeutic armamentarium?
by Per Soelberg Sorensen
2010-09-28 24 minutes        
4 Webcasts: the latest advances in Dementia research - a synthesis by experts - early diagnosis, biomarkers, molecular imaging, and disease modifying treatment.
Disease modifying approach for Alzheimer's disease treatment
by Bruno Dubois
2010-09-28 25 minutes        
The continuing enigma in differential diagnosis of degenerative dementias
by Alessandro Padovani
2010-09-28 21 minutes        
Molecular mechanisms and pathology of Alzheimer's disease as reflected by bio...
by Henrik Zetterberg
2010-09-28 25 minutes        
Molecular imaging in degenerative dementias
by Karl Herholz
2010-09-28 22 minutes        
Pathophysiology and consequences
by Martin Holtkamp
2010-09-28 32 minutes        
Treatment options related to clinical type
by Andrea Rossetti
2010-09-28 20 minutes        
EFNS Lecture on Clinical Neurology1 presentation / course
Out of balance
by Thomas Brandt
2010-09-28 46 minutes        
Neuronal networks and mechanisms responsible for sleep and their dysfunctions...
by Pierre-Hervé Luppi
2010-09-28 20 minutes        
Mutual interactions between sleep and wakefulness in normal brain function
by Pierre Maquet
2010-09-28 15 minutes        
Systemic thrombolysis for acute ischaemic stroke
by Didier Leys
2010-09-28 26 minutes        
Oral anticoagulation for secondary stroke prevention
by Georgios Tsivgoulis
2010-09-28 24 minutes        
Diagnostic work-up and management of patients with transient ischemic attack
by Carlos A. Molina
2010-09-28 28 minutes