Tenth International Conference on Chronic Myeloid Leukemia

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Targeting malignant stem cells
by Pier Paolo Pandolfi
2008-09-05 26 minutes  
Murine models of MPD as tools for accessing targeted therapy
by Gary Gilliland
2008-09-05 13 minutes  
Analysis of signaling pathways and kinase inhibitors in CML pathogenesis
by Rick van Etten
to be announced! (Waiting for speaker approval)
Dissecting the role of GSK3b in CML stem/myeloid progenitors
by Addolorata Maria Coluccia
2008-09-05 13 minutes  
More on Ikaros in Ph-positive leukemias
by Ilaria Iacobucci
2008-09-05 9 minutes  
Mutagenesis to probe kinase regulation
by Mohammad Azam
2008-09-05 13 minutes  
Gene expression targets for diagnostics and therapy
by Jerry Radich
to be announced!
CTLs and vaccine strategies in CML
by Katayoun Rezvani
2008-09-05 14 minutes    
IFN-α activates quiescent HSCs in vivo
by Marieke Essers
2008-09-05 13 minutes    
CML stem cells as targets for cellular and immunotherapy
by Agnes Yong
2008-09-05 7 minutes    
Immunotherapy with gene modified T cells
by Hans Stauss
2008-09-05 12 minutes  
PRAME-specific CTLs and transgenic T cells to target CML
by Fabrizio Pane
2008-09-05 8 minutes  
Drosophila model to study BCR-ABL pathway
by Daniela Cilloni
2008-09-06 10 minutes    
Inducible mouse models of leukemia
by Steffen Koschmieder
2008-09-06 11 minutes    
Session 6 - Genomic instability6 presentations / courses
Basis and effects of genomic instability
by Martin Sattler
2008-09-06 8 minutes    
Overcoming drug-resistance to tyrosine-kinase inhibitors in BCR-ABL1 driven l...
by Giovanni Martinelli
to be announced! (Waiting for speaker approval)
Application of SNP-array technology to CML
by Simona Soverini
2008-09-06 8 minutes  
Submicrosopic genomic lesions in CML at diagnosis
by Alistair Reid
2008-09-06 10 minutes    
Inhibiting Abl compromises DNA repair in Bcr-Abl negative cells
by Heiko van der Kuip
2008-09-06 9 minutes    
Outstanding issues with TKIs
by Jorge Cortes
2008-09-06 16 minutes  
by Neil Shah
2008-09-06 17 minutes  
by Gianantonio Rosti
2008-09-06 12 minutes    
by Carlo Gambacorti-Passerini
to be announced!
Defining response TKIs and treatment recommendations
by Michele Baccarani
2008-09-06 13 minutes  
The value of molecular monitoring for imatinib treated patients
by Susan Branford
2008-09-06 11 minutes  
Interferon after stopping imatinib
by Angelo Michele Carella
2008-09-06 9 minutes  
Session 10 - Resistance to TKIs4 presentations / courses
TKI resistance: mutations and more
by Michael Deininger
2008-09-07 19 minutes  
Dynamics of mutated clones in vivo
by Andreas Hochhaus
2008-09-07 11 minutes  
T315I in chronic phase : an epidemiologic study
by Franck Nicolini
2008-09-07 11 minutes  
Therapeutic thoughts for the future
by Moshe Talpaz
2008-09-07 15 minutes  
What would it take to displace imatinib as first line treatment?
by Charles Schiffer
2008-09-07 16 minutes  
Lessons from clinical trials
by Stephen O’Brien
2008-09-07 15 minutes