2nd International Diabetes in Indigenous Peoples Forum: International Best Practices

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Opening Ceremory11 presentations / courses
Welcome from First Nations Chief
by Grand Chief Ed John
2008-11-16 8 minutes        
Opening Prayer
by Larry Grant
2008-11-16 2 minutes        
Traditional Welcome
by Francis James
2008-11-16 1 minute        
Welcome from Elizabeth Ford
by Elizabeth Ford
2008-11-16 3 minutes        
Welcome from Kathleen McHugh - AFN
by Kathleen McHugh
2008-11-16 10 minutes        
Welcome from Catherine Turner
by Turner Catherine
2008-11-16 2 minutes        
Welcome from Institute for Aboriginal Health
by Eduardo Jovel
2008-11-16 3 minutes        
Welcome from Health Canada
by Kathy Langlois
2008-11-16 4 minutes        
Welcome from Dr. Jay Wortman
by Jay Wortman
2008-11-16 6 minutes        
Welcome from BC Ministry, Honorable Mary Polak
by Mary Polak
2008-11-17 4 minutes        
Keynote Presentation1 presentation / course
Effects of Colonization: the Impacts of Our People
by Papaarangi Reid
2008-11-17 37 minutes        
Presentations3 presentations / courses
Responses to the Diabetes Epidemic Following the UN Resolution on Diabetes
by Martin Silink
2008-11-17 26 minutes        
Diabetes Epidemic in Canada: Trends, Gaps and Innovation
by Stewart Harris
to be announced! (Waiting for speaker approval)
Presentations 25 presentations / courses
Low Carbohydrate Diets: Do They Have a Role in the Prevention and Management ...
by Judith Wylie-Rosett
2008-11-18 6 minutes        
Low Carbohydrate Diets: Do They Have a Role in the Prevention and Management ...
by Nicole Aylward
2008-11-18 10 minutes        
Questions & Answers
by Gary Taubes, Judith Wylie-Rosett, Nicole Aylward
2008-11-18 5 minutes      
Reaction Panel
by Session Speakers
2008-11-18 70 minutes      
Presentations 32 presentations / courses
Challenges and Opportunities: Diabetes Prevention in the Arctic
by Grace Egeland & Looee Okalik
2008-11-19 21 minutes        
Closing Keynote2 presentations / courses
Closing Keynote: Integrating Traditional Beliefs and Diabetes Prevention
by Donald Warne
2008-11-19 49 minutes        
Ribbon of Life
by Roslynn Baird & Carol Loft
2008-11-19 6 minutes